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Travel Nursing and Medical Licensing


Are you applying for an out-of-state license as a travel nurse or someone in the medical field?  Well, Secure Imprint is here to make the fingerprint process easier and less stressful for you.

Each state has different requirements for background checks and fingerprints. The states that do require fingerprints almost always require you to have your fingerprints put on an FD-258 fingerprint card. Some states like Ohio, Maryland, Illinois, and others have a state-specific card that needs to be used. Most times these cards are mailed to you. We also have these cards in stock. Florida (FDLE) requires the applicant to have their fingerprints sent electronically through Live Scan software. In order to do this, you will need to locate the ORI number.

Google Reviews

Getting fingerprinted at Secure Imprint was the easiest fingerprinting experience of my career so far (have done 5+ times). I was able to book a same day appointment online, the staff answered the phone promptly when I called, and there was no wait time when I arrived. The two staff worked together to get me through my appointment quickly, and gave me advice/guidance on which fingerprinting option best met my needs. They offer an excellent customer experience, and I will highly recommend them to my colleagues

Elizabeth Umberfield

Incredibly professional!
Go, and experience outstanding customer satisfaction.
Service was quick, easy and with smiles.
I wish this place were a grocery store. I will shop there every time.

Yedeling Danvide

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